Mike.rs NVIDIA GPU Miner for 0xBitcoin

Created on Mar 10, 2018

Join the mike.rs mining pool!

      account new
      pool select http://mike.rs:8586
      pool mine cuda

Tutorial on getting started: https://www.reddit.com/r/0xbitcoin/comments/849qyw/tutorial_mikers_nvidia_on_tmp/

Download Open source v.9.3.Azlehria Additional speed ups over 9.2 via @Azlehria.Github - Additional download page

Download Open source v.9.2.Azlehria Additional speed ups and design improvements via @Azlehria.Github

Download Open source v.9.1.Azlehria * May support Ethereum dual mining * - Speed ups and design improvements via @Azlehria. Appx 15% speed increase over v8. Defaults to mike.rs:8586 pool - Github

Download Open source v.8 Optimize memory usage on device, reduce memory usage by 84 bytes per thread for an appx 20% speed increase. - Github

Download Open source v.7 Older/Slower - calls to srand() to make sure that work is not duplicated - Github

Download open source miner releases from @Azlehria

MVIs open source OpenCL miner - compatible with AMD + Nvidia - Readme - Reddit guide

Closed source Pizza miner 🍕 (not compatible with open source pools)

Mike.rs token mining pool GPU Miner for 0xBitcoin

Created on Mar 15, 2018

To use the mike.rs pool open up the miner and type in the following command:

pool select http://mike.rs:8586

Visit your progress on the pool


Created on Mar 11, 2018

Working Nvidia cards:

  • 1080 TI - 900MH/s
  • 1080
  • 1070 - 580MH/s
  • 1060

Currently Non-Working Nvidia cards (Work in progress):

For these cards it will report a ridiculously high hashrate but not actually be working

  • 750 ti
  • 940M
  • gtx 760
  • gt 635m
  • linux

Instructions for running:

Download the latest drivers and patches from Nvidia and restart your computer if you get an error on start up.

If the miner is not loading:

  1. install cuda toolkit, https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads?target_os=Windows&target_arch=x86_64
  2. restart your computer
  3. search your computer for cudart64_91.dll and copy it to the same folder as the miner
  4. Use this .bat file to run the miner a loop, which will restart it if it crashes: Download mine.bat

    To mine with multiple GPU's, create multiple copies of the exe and configure nvidia to pin each exe to a GPU. You will want to create multiple mine.bat's that reference the exe and run it through the .bat

    Big thanks to @infernal_toast, @azlehria, @0x1d00ffff, and 🍕

    Donation link (0xBTC, ETH or Wed Coin appreciated!): 0xF13e2680a930aE3a640188afe0F94aFCeBe7023b