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Data in the database was reset Saturday evening 4/15/2018 because of a brief and now resolved issue with the geth light client causing the database to be in an inconsistent state. The pool has since upgraded to a full geth client. Unsent payouts under the payout threshold of 15 0xBTC will be sent out manually from a database snapshot in the next week (or two). This should not happen again because of the switch to a full geth node. Sorry about this!

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Download Windows Nvidia HashburnerV1 Miner

(Newest+Fastest Release) https://www.reddit.com/r/0xbitcoin/comments/8bh54d/build_cosmic_community_opensource_miner_including/

Download Open source Mikers/Azlehria miner

v.9.4 Azlehria More speed + stability bugfixes.Github

Cat of Profits Mining Profitability Calculator

The first time you download the miner you need to configure your ethereum account that you are mining from. You can either have the miner create a new ethereum public key + private key pair for you or input your own public key. If you do the second, you don't need to give the miner your private key.

      account new
      account select 0x#######
      pool select http://mike.rs:8586
      pool mine cuda

A new feature of the pool is the addition of a few new ports that let you specify a fixed diff - instead of the port 8586 where variable diff is selected

Port select commandDifficulty
 pool select http://mike.rs:8586
 pool select http://mike.rs:9000
 pool select http://mike.rs:9001
 pool select http://mike.rs:9002
 pool select http://mike.rs:9003
 pool select http://mike.rs:9004

Subsequent times mining you can just run mine.bat from explorer which will automatically use your public key and start mining. For mining from multiple cards you can use mine_many.ps1

Tutorial on getting started: https://www.reddit.com/r/0xbitcoin/comments/849qyw/tutorial_mikers_nvidia_on_tmp/

previous missed payouts listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SIq2pv5mvtFwV_QEQD12TtPZteIlQeWJZzjD-TqFPqw

Start Mining 0xBitcoin
Download the Token Miner from Github
Download the Token Miner

Connect to this pool with

pool select http://mike.rs:8586

Start mining with 'pool mine cuda'

Mining Guide

Multi-Card Mining Guide

Cat of Profits Mining Profitability Calculator

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Mike.rs Mining Pool
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